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Friday, March 4, 2016


It's been a long time folks since I've had anything of relevance to post and please know how grateful, humbled and deeply honored I feel to know that some of you still are taking this journey with me. I'll keep this one short, as it's simply a collection of gathered testimonials from the folk I've had sent to me since the release of "WARmth" back in October of 2015. There are other testimonials written which were specific to the Bandcamp store page, so I'll keep them there. If interested in purchasing a digital or physical artifact of this release, please click here. The initial pressing has sold tremendously well and thanks to all of you for the amazing support and interest.

Okay, thanks for taking the time to read my friends. I'll have another post forthcoming regarding all current ideas and things relating to Glass Throat Recordings and my other medicinal musicals moving forward in 2016 and beyond. It's the 20th anniversary of my craft under the Cycle of the Raven Talons sigil this year and I'm considering something very special...Hopefully?

More to come sooner than later.
Be well,
-Chet W. Scott

"I have said that I want to make music that accompanies people to their feet, or to their knees. Blood of the Black Owl has done both for me!" -THORN (The National Geographic Channel's "Live Free Or Die!" TV Series)

"When I listen to Blood of the Black Owl I cannot help but be taken into ceremony. One comprised of myself, nature and the invisible beings behind the sound. Chet’s music is very powerful medicine indeed. I am thankful to Chet for committing to the work and crafting a lens into his journey, a journey which ultimately we all share... WARmth renews my faith in music and art as a tool to connect us back to the deepest part of ourselves, the earth, with each other and the beyond. Authentic expression has become a rarity, but WARmth touches something raw and very real and beautiful…”

"Your music is inspirational and resonates with my yearning for something more than the grind and stress modern (sub)urban society imposes upon us. Please keep making and releasing music. It really is like nothing else."
-Matthew Krykew

"A journey into wild nature and a ritual with wildness through truly human music inspired by the more than human world we wander upon. One of the most moving displays of sound and ritual we've heard!"
-DIY Bandits

"Energy never gets lost in this universe, only converted. If I can give you back just a fracture of the joy, inspiration and heartfelt calmness that I receive from your music, you will get an idea of how valuable your work is to your listeners."
-юля садикова

"Thank you for making brilliant, original and uniquely atmospheric music! Music is so commodified these days and your music is definitely not a commodity."
-Dr. Nick Gadsby

"Blood of the Black Owl's "WARmth" for me, is the sound of bone and flower, an audible mandala with Yin & Yang at its center! Finally a breath of authenticity and Impecable brilliance in a sea of monotonous sound!"
-The Gods Have-Not

"After 20+ years of emotive soundscape, It now makes perfect sense why the work of Chet W. Scott has continuously been disregarded by the pomposity of his peers, labels, distributors and press to make room for more trendy scene fodder! Only when this man is long gone, will his body of work truly be respected and understood! "WARmth" is a perfect example of this. A "Medicinal Musical" indeed Chet, we will never be the same again...Astonishing!"
-The Northern Healer Rewilding Collective

"Already I'm seeing "Black Metal", "Funeral Doom" and "Neofolk" mentioned in regards to WARmth. How incredibly silly! Seriously, what a slap in the face to the work that is offered here! If anything, it reminds me of Dead Can Dance, Galloping Coroners or even some of the native compositions of Peter Buffett. Or yes, like one person mentioned already POPOL VUH! In the end though, it's non of those artists either and Chet W. Scott has continued to travel down his own beautiful solitary path.

"This is gorgeous. The mix is so clear, honest and alive. The pain and love which went into this creation transfers easily and in a welcoming manner. As a listener, I hear and feel the heart beating. The production is flawless, I'm trying to wrap my head around the quality of the timbre you have captured, it's really inspiring.

Your craft is true and the local communities close and distant have much to gain from your work.

As a composer, your work seems to have always carried a whisper of Florian Fricke and Popol Vuh's cinematic transcendence, it is so wonderfully present on this album but there is also something else. A deeper side of your wisdom and personal energies that is coming through. It's quite refreshing and stirs many different emotions within me. There is this bridge that the songs walk, it goes between two valleys, in one meadow I am brought to tears because the struggle is often to relentless and vast for me to conquer. But on the other side, across the bridge, lies another, a valley that I am able stretch out in, to dance, and circle the ones I love. I am at peace with that dichotomy because it is what this life is often about and what many of us are working through, healing from, and or transcending beyond. In my own spiritual work, I am becoming aware there is not two separate pieces of land that are connected by way of a bridge, but that there is still a larger valley that contains the two, and there is even a larger mountain range, a thousand lakes, clouds, trees, etc. I am free to travel and commune with all of it, we can be that fearless and free. These are the thoughts that your music awakened in me."
-Garek Druss (A Story of Rats)

"Nothing beats getting an e-mail saying one of your all-time favorites just happened to upload a new album to Bandcamp without warning. Of course, nothing is worse than having to go to work and wait nine hours before you can give that album a proper listen. Thus began my stressful wait to listen to WARmth, the latest album by multi-instrumentalist Chet W. Scott’s solo project Blood of the Black Owl. Though previous releases straddled tribal neofolk and heavy, meditative black/doom metal in a ritualistic setting, WARmth is almost exclusively neofolk. This is a pretty welcome and honestly foreseen change; Light the Fires! featured only two metal-oriented tracks to begin with. Scott’s intense, introspective, pastoral music has been a direct line to my heart for a long time, and the return of Blood of the Black Owl in such a fashion hits me right where it hurts.
-Invisible Oranges

"When it comes to tracking down a place and this is connected with the release of a new album, then drops the name BLOOD OF THE BLACK OWL. The project contributes an idea about this place and this idea is more than one possible presence. BLOOD OF THE BLACK OWL are led by a great feeling of great feeling, which passes to the form. The environment is said BLOOD OF THE BLACK OWL because Mastermind Chet W. Scott she passes through. Now nine new pieces. This time only in digital format. Perhaps can be explained by a certain number of sell-offs again one of those wonderful digipack follow up on in the future. Chet is one who paints in natural colors. We come after him. He is one who proclaims free and shows that a willfully to the heat Williger faith always is a Erschütterbarer and vibration in the opposite, ie the listener evokes. Along its folky patterns that always carry some kind of Black Metal presumption in themselves and are sometimes covered by sharp splinters, he succeeds, others waving in its depth. Yet, there is no one-dimensional, because it is also volatile impulses here an opening. The same pattern and are nevertheless today never exceedingly similar. Always groping, then discarding and suddenly lospreschend. To hear BLOOD OF THE BLACK OWL, resembles a bit the face into the river to check itself. There's a character-producing its own world production, its own flow direction and the findings and well-loved, addressed to the receiver, settle down in it. Sometimes one has to be never left the impression from them again. That has something comforting and just something warming, as already mentioned. So the listener grabs getting yourself to and does not enter into the futility of its interior. Rather, a vibrato sounds into another form of consciousness and there seems to be more present than is actually there. To hear Chet is to be master of their own present and to be worn over the Urschwelle. Since cooking a heart and there trembling eyelids. And almost it is meant here sounds the old inner rhythm after. Since going to other lights and colors spring up in this eternal go to meet. In setting his Funeral Folks, over fragmented shamanic, with this very-edged from the undergrowth sprouting ends will have its own spiritual world, created with its own value. "Strix Nebulosa" as a recurring mind. His music searches for the clearing in the woods. And when the time comes through the eye of hours, the curtain of memories stands out as at or simply: BLOOD OF THE BLACK OWL.
-Black Online Magazin (A rough German translation)

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