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Sunday, July 20, 2014


Wanted to share that my 2006 collection of "Moss & Memory" has been supported by the United Kingdom's Legalise Freedom program. Thanks to Greg Moffitt for the supportive force and playing my work throughout one of his most recent interviews. Must say the company I'm within musically is tremendously humbling and quite an honor. Here is the mission statement of Legalise Freedom for those unaware of his work.


Why are we here? Where do we come from? Where are we going? These are the eternal questions which have forever faced humanity and to which we still do not have answers.
Are we merely born to buy? To consume and die? Is it in our nature to destroy ourselves? Is war our destiny? Or is there some greater purpose and grand design which lies beyond our primitive instincts? From the nature of reality to the future of humanity, Legalise Freedom asks these questions and more, offering the listener alternative views of a wide range of topics including World affairs, politics and economics, science and technology, religion and spirituality, conspiracy, alternative history, and all manner of antediluvian anomalies.
It is now obvious to all but the most deeply unconscious human beings that profound change is occurring on this planet. The old order of States and hierarchies is coming to an end as our collective consciousness begins its ascension to a higher level. The unprecedented conflict and upheaval the World is currently witnessing are the birth pangs of a New Earth. How this process plays out is ultimately up to us. The forces arrayed against the evolution of human consciousness are formidable but they cannot and will not succeed. This is, however, a time of great challenges. Social, political, economic and environmental; one by one, the outdated institutions and failing systems which underpin our society are crumbling. The path we navigate through this turmoil will be crucial to our future.
Communication is the key. The fear mongering and propaganda of the mainstream media offer neither hope nor truth. One conversation at a time, we offer our contribution to an alternative global community which is rapidly outstripping the mainstream and moving humanity closer, step by step, to a world and a reality very different from the one we know now.
Legalise Freedom radio online is hosted by independent UK writer and journalist Greg Moffitt and features interviews with some of the World’s foremost alternative thinkers and researchers.
Thanks for your time.
-Chet W. Scott

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