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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

BLOOD OF THE BLACK OWL "Light the Fires!" Deluxe Gatefold CD NOW AVAILABLE!

***NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE*** BLOOD OF THE BLACK OWL'S "Light the Fires!" CD format. Packaged in Glass Throat Recordings exclusive 6" x 6" six panel Deluxe Gatefold, featuring a soft touch Aqueous flood with a spot varnish effect!

$13.00 (US)
$20.00 (World)

All prices include postage.

Money Orders accepted made out to Chet W. Scott.

Blood of the Black Owl's 4th full length offering "Light the Fires!" rises and shines upon lifting the spirit's veil, through the spiritual teachings of the six directional path and the sacred breath within us all.
A soundscape to help surface, understand and heal an ever increasingly egoic nature of programmed disconnection, a sickness we as a species carry within an unbalanced circle of spirit, rooted deeply into a fragile cyclical self. It seems, we are no longer a human being and have become the human doing! The crafting of "Light the Fires!" offers a medicinal musical, aiding in the clearing of poisons found to feed this ego. A ritual of musical restoration seeking balance towards this great and vast four quartered circle of life.

As the feathers of this sonic sigil uplift to the breath of Father Sky and the blood drips stewardship to the Mother's womb, the Blood of the Black Owl is offering to hold up a mirror to the self, facing the shadows of ego head on! It is to share the light, through the understanding of dark, allowing growth and reflection upon being once again.
An honoring voice awakening to the survivalists, to those connected ones aware and to the seekers of the flame whom fight the silent battles....

Light the Fires!

"It is a humbling and shamanic experience, a stark one far removed from anything but nature itself. Chet W. Scott the one name we are given behind this has really crafted a sound that is historic and transcendental."
-Ave Noctum

"If there were ever an argument to be made for the creation of ‘aboriginal metal’ this would perhaps be the best evidence for it."

"It conjures up a reverie-like hypnotic feel that strips away the superficiality of modernity, allowing for unhindered emotional interconnectedness."
-About Heavy Metal
"Most of what you’ll find is a trance-inducing, 1970s-prog-embracing spiritual journey that examines nature, the state of the environment, and humankind’s role in protecting and demolishing it. One of the more thought-provoking, evolutionary in all of metal. It’s a breath-taking performance."
-Meat Mead Metal

"Blood of the Black Owl, slowly unravel the oppressive walls of modern existence surrounding you and conjure you back to times of ritual, a communal interface with the natural and metaphysical. Numerous emotional climes are explored, from mystery to misery and back again, often beautiful despite themselves and Chet W. Scott's intentions to suck the black vapors from the listener's soul, devouring them with droning confidence.
-From the Dust Returned

"To the outright wooded shaman and cunning man, it's just another wild night in the cool of the cove, we must see where we are being taken, by whom or what? I am brought to the sensation of donning animal, that's not pure enough...going werewolf naked and running through overgrowth. I am stone cold sober and indeed hawk like in my own discernment presently...this is real music, you will understand, damn you!"
-Wormwood Chronicles


Andrew Mcinnis said...

Prolific! As I am surrounded by the ever brooding bourgeois complacency of this constant evolving global corporate fascist structure, creators of music are losing touch with its power and purpose. I am thankful for Chet deepening his connection and sharpening this blade of dissidence, Blood of the Black Owl! I so look forward to this release!
Much love,
Andrew Irrgarten

Paolo said...

Is there any way this will be available for download, along with the Cedar Spirits offering? I do not have a record player and my disk drive is broken, but I would love to support both these offerings.

Your creations continue to be a deep source of inspiration and balance for me, Chet. Many humble thanks and kind regards.

Paolo Nugent

Chet W. Scott / CYCLE OF THE RAVEN TALONS said...

Thank you brothers for so much warmth. Yes, both "Light the Fires!" and the Cedar Spirits debut will be available as DD in my digital store here:

They will be released some time after the CD format has had a chance to circulate. More to come on that.

Thanks again my friends for your support.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chet,

I want to buy 2 CDs from your store. Can I pay them at once via paypal?

And I want to thank you for this wonderful music! It will often save the day for me. The Music gives me such a great feeling, like to be one with nature.

I thank you so much, king regards from germany near the wonderful mighty mighty alps!


Chet W. Scott / CYCLE OF THE RAVEN TALONS said...

Thank you Florian, it means the world to me to know you have connected with these offerings. My warmth.