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Thursday, August 2, 2012

BLOOD OF THE BLACK OWL (Lyrics for "Light the Fires!")

Note: For PR press releases and those simply looking to re-post, this is exactly how it is to appear on-line. Punctuation is intentional to how many times a verse repeats.

Written word for "Light the Fires!" crafted by Chet W. Scott and Daniel Ellis Smith Harrod.

I. ~Caller of Spirits~


II. ~Wind Eye~

staring through the window
staring through the window of decay

staring through the window..

to remember strength...

staring through the window
staring through the window of decay

staring through the window..

III. ~Rise and Shine~

all the elders have (are!) fallen down....

heal her now....

all the elders have (are!) fallen down....

heal her now...

grandfather elk
turned to me
and spoke:

light the fire deep inside..
light the fires!

IV. ~Sundrojan~

falling apart at the rising sun
i fall back on soft grass
soil and ice
looking back
how did you!
the voice has been

i am torn of truth
can you look now at the sky?
and remember?
that my heart is bleeding into the world
how many times do we fight this battle
over and over
ever onward

i grasp for the earth
i am separate..

this part of me that railed
was broken
but sees again!
that darkness that bit and clawed
but the blood was thick!
but i remember!
i am now the voice and the speaker
the light and the dusk!
i am no longer

the two are now one!
torn asunder!
but re-fleshed!..

V. ~Two Ravens at the Tree Line~

the unrequited lust for sleep
punishment for our
waking hours!
of morning..

this is when!
this is when!
we hung people

breath deep the freezing air

praise the ice!
in your veins!

beat the head against the light!..

bastard light of day!..

two ravens at the tree line

VI. ~Soil Magicians~

stream teacher
i call to thee
thank you for the flow
i offer these words:

our heart hails father sky

soil mother we embrace your womb
to heal

we toil within your forests
we are the sowers and the seed

we will gift you children

soil magic!

mother earth, father sky
our works are yours!
see the trees grow for eternity!

green forests
glens and thickets!
the great wheel spins
above us!
and with the waters we flow
for you!
our mound-ritual
soil magic!

we are the plant teachers!
we toil within your forests!

turning the earth, forever!....

VII. ~Disgust and the Horrible Realization of Apathy~

your bones are ice
shattered by words
buried by time
look! in the mirror
language reduced
to dust!
lost and forgotten!

your pillar broken

will you reconcile?
from loss of memory
from lack
of shame
can you destroy
the mirror?

is the risk to great?
reduce the mirror
absorb reflection

your bones are ice
shattered by words
buried by time
look! in the mirror
language reduced
to dust!
lost and forgotten!

your image broken!..

will you reconcile?
life left to rot!
while you slept
lives destroyed

can you destroy
the mirror?
is the risk to great?
the mirror!


absorb reflection...


JWWoodhead said...

Thank you brother. I can't wait! The reviews seem really positive do far too. I for one know it will be a daily listen. Thanks again.

Chet W. Scott / CYCLE OF THE RAVEN TALONS said...

Much love & warmth James. Yes I've said this before, but thanks so much for always believing in my spirit and taking the time to continue with this sigil's journey. It's been a crazy ride thus far since the "LtF!" offering has gone public. Overwhelming! I'll have the album shipped ASAP! I can't wait to see you!