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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

CYCLE OF THE RAVEN TALONS (Press Release forthcoming album "An Offering to Mystery: A Medicinal Musical Part I"

"The integration of medicine-wheel consciousness into daily awareness brings medicine-wheel teachings and power into the moments beyond ceremonial occasion. When this happens, the wheel is more deeply experienced as a mandala that can guide ordinary outlook into sacred awakening."

"An Offering to Mystery" is now being considered for a DVD/Blu-Ray format due to the lengths of each coinciding ritual piece. Not to mention the formats optimal sound quality. This is not confirmed as things still need to be worked out. But I'm looking at the potential of 4 hours of craft here.

 For the first time anywhere folks, I'm deeply humbled & quite honestly overwhelmed to officially set this in motion, announcing to the world the first medicinal musical offered under the new moniker of Cycle of the Raven Talons (Formerly known as Ruhr Hunter). Over six years in the making now since the release of "Moss & Memory," I will look to complete this offering come MMXIII. I have provided cover art, which I imagine will not come as a shock to most of you, as well as the title & track listings for the double CD release. Each disc will be roughly 70+ minutes in length & in addition to the standard Glass Throat six panel gate fold, "An Offering To Mystery" (A Medicinal Musical Part I) will also be packaged within a limited edition Grandfather Elk (Moose) hide sleeve, hand sewn & adorned with my sacred Raven talon sigil. This version, like the "Moss & Memory Den box" in 2006 will be exclusively available through Glass Throat Recordings only. My brother Jason Craban over at will craft these sleeves & I'm honored to collaborate with such a visionary & beautiful spirit. Jason had also crafted the full Moose hide banner that some of you may remember from my first live ritual back in 2009. I'd also like to mention along with Rachel's wonderful & deeply moving assistance within this work, there will also be (for the first time) a guest musician handling some of the Northern ritual elements within the four quartered perspective of this musical wheel. I can say this individual has been a HUGE inspiration & guiding light since 1990. I've never felt such an honor, a blessing, the energy forged will certainly make my heart sing & help strengthen the balance of this sacred offering to Mystery.

Thanks for your time folks, much more to come...
--Chet W. Scott

Cycle of the Raven Talons
“An Offering to Mystery”
(A Medicinal Musical Part I)

(Disc One)
Ritual :I: Embrace Mother ~Earth~
Ritual :II: Eastern Altar ~Rising~
Ritual :III: Southern Altar ~Spiraling~

(Disc Two)
Ritual :IV: Hail Father ~Sky~
Ritual :V: Western Altar ~Setting~
Ritual :VI: Northern Altar ~Being~

 "Often in moving on a spiritual path obstacles arise, seemingly becoming larger and more frequent the further you travel. Spiritual maturation is not an absence of difficulties. It is a deepening of equanimity that uses difficulty to guide awareness to what needs attention or healing."

Monday, November 28, 2011


Hey folks, I wanted to take a moment to mention that I'm forced to postpone the previously scheduled MMXI Winter Solstice releases of the debut Cedar Spirits full length (GTR-017) & Fearthainne's "Knowing" (GTR-018) till further notice. MMXII looks to provide many new offerings from our Glass Throat family. I appreciate your patience with this folks & I can safely say you will all find the wait well worth it. So much more to come!
My Warmth,
--Chet / Cycle of the Raven Talons 

BLOOD OF THE BLACK OWL (Split Pre-Order from HMB))

Pleased to finally announce the At the Head of the Woods / Blood of the Black Owl limited edition split CD is now available for Pre-Order directly through Below you'll find previous information regarding the release from an older posting. I'll have 75 copies shipped to me in the next couple of weeks which will become available for purchase directly through me.

"Here I Stand" (24:12)

"Visions Of Strix Nebulosa" (25:19)

I cannot stress enough, speaking for us both, how wonderful it is to finally find closure, seeing this chapter (the split offerings) come to a close. "Here I Stand" as well as "Visions Of Strix Nebulosa" were all captured during the 2008 "A Banishing Ritual (Into white)" recording sessions. Sessions from a very intense & specific time period within both of our lives.

As some of you may already know, James contributed a significant amount of performance & composition towards my 3rd full length offering "A Banishing Ritual (Into white)." During those sessions, James also helped to establish & strengthen the foundation for visions "I & III" for  an offering that initially existed as three separate spirits. The first (formerly entitled "Hibernation") & third (formerly entitled "Minutiae") movements, or "Visions" as I prefer to call them. Spirits captured of what now is to be known as "Visions Of Strix Nebulosa."

I'll hopefully have cover art to work with soon, so I may begin the design & layout process for the release. For now, for those interested, here are the written spells for "Visions Of Strix Nebulosa." Once again, offered from the spirit of brother Daniel Ellis-Smith Harrod's written word within three Visions for the flight of Strix Nebulosa...thank you for taking the time to read...More to come folks.


Sleep now my friend...
Dream your dreams...
Nestle (Hibernate),
deep in your soil.

The snow will fall,
& encrust the ground.
plains covered.

It covers your trails...
In existence.

Let your slumber wander,
into the forgotten spaces...

Hear silence,
& see without eyes.


Converse with the ones who left long ago...

Drink deeply...
Drink deeply...
Ancestral waters.

Become without age,
without flesh.

now my friend.
Hibernate until the final hours.
And then crawl,
into the light,
of your wisdom...




The ever growing, unrelenting obsessions,

That keep us scraping in the dark.
For those infinitesimal scraps of light.
To few and far between.
Or not at all

So I eat the Moon...

In an effort to digest sleep.
I invite IT!

To become my sweat...

Much less blind (now).

We can sink,
into bottomless oceans.
With the knowledge of stars and planets,
Beat one with the other.
Exhail the mist of time to animals.

With whom, I now swim and understand...

So I eat the Sun...

In an effort to digest thought.
I invite IT!

To become my eyes...

The universe is at a loss for words.
Totems...of parallel worlds and time.

Are made as sentinels.
Sculptures erected,

in the deepest of waters.
The psychic web created...
Connected through speech of dreams...


So I eat the moon...

In an effort to digest sleep.
Invite IT...

To become my skin.