Welcome folks to the OFFICIAL digital labyrinth of GLASS THROAT RECORDINGS and the Medicinal Musicals of spirited intent offered by Chet W. Scott and his family of the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

​Exclusively through GLASS THROAT RECORDINGS and MEDICINAL MUSICALS, you'll discover in depth information regarding Chet W. Scott's own solo and collaborative musical offerings known as: CYCLE OF THE RAVEN TALONS (formerly "Ruhr Hunter"), BLOOD OF THE BLACK OWL, the ELEMENTAL CHRYSALIS, FEARTHAINNE (also known as "Rain") and CEDAR SPIRITS.

​Our passion for releasing purely authentic, emotionally and ritually driven, beautifully honest art and music, has often been noted by journalists, critics and our own community to fall within the: "ACOUSTIC * AMBIENT * ANIMISTIC * AVANT-GARDE * BLACKENED AMBIENT * BLACKENED FUNERAL DOOM * CEREBRAL * DHARMIC * DRONE * ECO-ENVIRONMENTAL * ETHNIC * EXPERIENTIAL SHAMANISM * EXPERIMENTAL * FUNERAL FOLK * HALLUCINOGENIC * HARSH NOISE * HEALING * HEATHEN * MEDICINAL * MEDITATIVE * MINIMALIST * MOURNFUL CLASSICAL * MYSTIC * NATURAL * NEW AGE * ORGANIC * PAGAN * PANTHEISTIC * PROGRESSIVE * PSYCHEDELIC * RITUAL * RURAL FOLK * SOUNDSCAPE and SPIRITUAL" genres of underground sound.

Our smaller, first run pressings of 500 to 1,000 exclusively custom "6x6" (six panel) deluxe gate fold packaged compact discs (vinyl coming soon), are showcased within beautifully printed and professionally crafted rare paper stocks, utilizing the highest quality offset print production, foil stamping, letter pressing, varnishing, embossing and debossing available today!

​With open mind and flowing spirit, we hope you take the time to journey, to experience and embrace our recordings. We greatly appreciate your sincere interest and support folks. Authenticity is everything!

Deeply thankful, humbled and with honor,


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The appellation of "Medicinal Musicals" is a genre specific intent exclusively coined by Chet W. Scott and should not be used without permission!

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Thursday, June 9, 2011


June, MMXI

Greetings my friends & yes, Glass Throat Recordings is still very much an active entity!

My apologies to our loyal community for such a sustained silence, absence from the digital realm & lack of overall release "productivity." However professional, as many of you should come to know by now, I have never considered GTR a "label" in the traditional, or corporate sense. Thus, I refuse to work within the confines of such lifeless commodity & sterile trappings. This absence I've mentioned, has not been without being, It's "being" that becomes the focal point here, rather than another human doing. It has been a wonderfully open & deeply satisfying time for spiritual practice, wilderness retreating, turning & balancing the great four quartered wheel within. A clarity is present now, which is enabling me to process this "digital experience", in a much more beneficial & inspiring manner...But I digress.

As some of you may have noticed, while maintaining dignity & a deepening respect for the growth of sacred intent, I've chosen to distance myself & all musical voices, from any outside venues such as: Myspace, Facebook, You Tube,, Discogs & all the other countless distractions. I simply no longer find said sources appropriate in relation to my own personal path. I've come to the unfortunate reality, that along with the unauthorized low quality down loading epidemic, I've begun to notice many others have taken liberties in creating their own forums, venues & "informative" pages that are simply NOT authorized, nor supported by myself & the GTR family. These sites or "sources" are all to often severely outdated, littered with incorrect credentials & feature misinterpreted or misrepresented information regrading my own work & that of my GTR family. An aesthetic value, if any, is usually appalling & said sources far to often, display incorrect artwork & photographic imagery that does not coincide, support, nor represent the ever growing spirit of my own ritual musical practice, as well as the vision of a community I'm deeply connected with. 

With all this said, I'm pleased to announce, that in due time a whole new updated website for GLASS THROAT RECORDINGS / VISIONS will launch...hopefully by the end of Summer? I'm in the crucial stages now, of finding the right designer with skill & experience to update this dinosaur & visually capture, a beautiful vision I have for it. In short, the idea is to have an OFFICIAL SOURCE for my own endeavors, as well as the works of my GTR family if need be. There will be a vast MP3 / GTR radio player implemented & each artist will have their own "Myspace" conceptual if you will. You'll also now find a blog / forum for those of you willing & interested in drinking directly from the well & not having to absorb the facade built by others. So yeah, this should have been done a long time ago, as I've neglected this side of the "business" if you will & it has finally caught up with me. But I'm ignorant to this branch of "artistic control." I've been a publisher of my own recordings, artwork & personally developed sacred symbolism for 15 years now, so it's about time I got my proverbial shit together. Anyhow, there is a buzz within the old GTR office as of late & we are excited to finally produce a home, a digital source for those whom have shown GTR such love & respect for all these years...So yeah, it will be a slow process but the flame is lit!

I'm quite happy to report there is also one other OFFICIAL source available for folks to purchase our recordings. We have opened up a small shop, courtesy of our good friends over at HEX MAGAZINE. Please take a look here:


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